Lighting Controls

by Neil McClymont 2023/09/04

Our “Lighting Controls” Create an energy-efficient space using lighting controls. We can help you find the right system for your needs so that you can easily create efficient and dynamic environment. Why do we need lighting controls? Lighting controls systems are an important way to reduce CO2 and energy consumption in the modern office. By...

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Acoustic Lighting

by Neil McClymont 2023/07/26

Acoustic Lighting “Harmonious and relaxed lighting” A combination of our current architectural lighting products with high performance acoustic, lightweight fabric panels. Designed to provide a harmonious working environment, that not only looks good but also lights up the space, whilst reducing background noise with “Class A” sound absorbing properties. SubSpace-WS-Acoustic P&A CGI Visualisation Here are...

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by Neil McClymont 2023/07/24

Sabre “A modern classic” Sleek modern cylindrical luminaire that adds a touch of elegance with it balanced body to any space, a timeless classic, its shape and lines will never get outdated. SABRE-SF (1500/1000mm) P&A CGI Visualisation A popular choice for hospitality, they emit a soft diffused light that creates a relaxing atmosphere. They often...

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Tailored TL Solution

by Neil McClymont 2021/10/01

Bespoke “TL125” Tailored solution using our TL125 cylindrical luminaire. Our existing luminaire with a wide range of optics combined with yoke bracket made a perfect solution for the project requirements. TL125-Yoke P&A CGI Visualisation Expressive and attractive At P&A we understand that every project does not necessarily have standard product that meets the specific requirements....

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