Quality Policy

P & A Projects Ltd is committed to providing a lighting design and manufacturing solution to meet the highest quality standards. As such we will offer a service that goes above and beyond our client’s expectations. We will also provide quality control and monitor procedures that will ensure that the service and product standards are maintained. We comply to ISO9001:2015 Quality standards and adhere to strict, auditable procedures of our Quality Management System. In addition, we operate to an Approved Suppliers list and hold all suppliers accountable for ensuring that any products they supply will meet the quality standards necessary to comply with our continually improving Quality Management System.

Statement of Policy:

  • It is the policy of P & A Projects Ltd to purchase, manufacture and supply products of the highest quality and reliability in accordance with sound engineering practice and to ensure that they are fit for their intended purpose having regard to the competitive market in which the Company operates. It is also the Company’s policy to identify resources and personnel required to carry out adequate verification activities throughout the Company.
  • It must be stressed that the future of the Company is dependent upon the production of quality products not merely to enhance the Company’s reputation, but more importantly to maintain and improve its position in the market place continuously.
  • We regard quality as a fundamental value to our Company and as such work towards achievable quality objectives.
  • We comply to applicable legislation and regulations, which are reviewed regularly and updated as appropriate.
  • Our quality policy is supported by all staff within the organisation.
  • Full co-operation will be given to all customers who wish to evaluate the Company’s Quality Policy.