The Company operates a five-year return to base warranty. The Company agrees to repair or replace goods proved to the Company’s reasonable satisfaction to have failed under proper storage and use, within five years of delivery and by reason of defects due to faulty design (other than any design made, furnished or specified by the Purchaser), materials or workmanship, with the following conditions:

  1. Products damaged by poor storage, handling, installation, maintenance or negligence are not covered by this warranty.
  2. In the case of defects which would have been apparent to the Purchaser on reasonable examination of the goods on delivery, the Purchaser shall notify the Company of the defects in writing within 14 days of delivery.
  3. In the case of any other defects, the Purchaser shall notify the Company of the defects in writing within 7 working days of the date where the defect becomes apparent.
  4. Damage, including but not limited to; non-visible damage, fading, microscopic crazing, adhesive degradation, electrical damage, must be demonstrated as resultant from manufacturing or design fault and not from activity or conditions after delivery to site.
  5. P&A Products must be installed by qualified personnel in accordance with all the applicable regulations and standards. Installation should be carried out in accordance with the supplied installation instructions.
  6. Products must be installed as supplied. Any modification to the fitting will invalidate the warranty. The Company cannot be held responsible for problems caused by unauthorised changes to fittings.
  7. Where drivers/ control gear/ power supplies/ ballasts/ transformers are supplied by others we must be given the opportunity to inspect and approve prior to delivery. Where locally supplied drivers/ control gear/ power supplies/ ballasts/ transformers are not compatible, and our advice has not been sought or not be followed this may affect the warranty.
  8. All connections to fittings must be made with connectors suitable for the environment. Water ingress into fittings through use of unsuitable connectors or improper use of connectors will invalidate warranty.
  9. LED Equipment is susceptible to static damage and overvoltage. Before handling or connecting to the mains supply please ensure that all products are protected from static discharge and that the mains supply is to regulation (230V +10 -6%). The Company cannot be held responsible for fittings damaged by use of an unsuitable power supply or poor anti-static management.
  10. The mounting surface must be suitable for the installation of the fitting. The weight of the fitting and the suitability of the fixing method must be considered at the point of installation. Suspended fittings must be checked as part of annual maintenance and any concerns reported to P & A Projects. Stability of the fixing surface and structure must be adequate for the load imposed on it.
  11. Installation of downlights must not compromise any fire barrier offered by your ceiling. Heat sinks and fan assisted lamps must be kept free from dust and well ventilated to ensure long term reliability and light quality. Insulation must be kept away from the rear of the fitting. Beware of heat build-up in restricted spaces and of radiated back spill. Observe F Mark recommendations regarding mount surface suitability.
  12. Emergency fittings and gear must be installed as per BS5266 part 1 Emergency Lighting. It is a legal requirement in the UK that the owner or occupier of a building provides, tests and maintains an emergency lighting system in accordance BS5266. An accurate record of these tests must be available for inspection by the relevant authority. The Company will provide a blank test record for this purpose.
  13. All fittings are subject to an approval process before manufacture. The Company does not accept responsibility for products which are approved without due consideration to the installation, environment or location.
  14. Where defects have occurred because the light fitting has been used with a light source other than that that was originally supplied / intended for use with it then our warranty is void.
  15. This warranty excludes lamps, batteries and control gear that fail within expected margins. Retrofit LED lamps are only covered under our P&A warranty for one year, although their own manufacturers may warranty them for longer.
  16. Where in discharge of its obligations under this clause the Company agrees that the Purchaser may undertake any repair work on its behalf, the cost of such work shall be agreed in writing between the Purchaser and the Company before the commencement of such work.
  17. This warranty extends to repair or replacement of the supplied goods only and does not extend to shipping, labour, access or any other specialist or consequential costs.

Return to Base Definition:

  • Under the warranty the Company agrees to repair or replace goods which are returned to its premises at:

Crown House, Plantation Road, Burscough, Lancashire L40 8JT

  • The buyer is responsible for the cost of returning the goods and collection of repaired or replacement items.
  • The buyer is responsible for all consequential costs, including but not limited to; access costs, removal costs, re-installation costs.