Our View.

When it comes to sustainability and the construction of our lighting products, this is where P&A has been at the forefront of circular solutions over the years.

Whether its changing from CAT A to CAT B fit out, upgrading from conventional lamps to LED solutions, we understand the need reduce the impact and usage of raw materials we have on the nature.


Mindful design.

One of the benefits of using P&A as your lighting supplier, Is that our products are only manufactured when they’re sold. This ensures that we are not left with overstock items which might go to waste. 

RE:Use it.

RE:Use It, is the principle behind our recycle and refurbish moto. Its quiet simple, why throw away yesterday’s lighting solutions and instead give them a new lease of life with latest technology. Therefore reduce materials that go waste and slow global resource consumption, when they are perfect usable and can be re used. We understand that some materials are not possible to be re used, that where possible.



We understand that within the lighting industry that some materials can only be sourced via a global supply chain. That’s why at P&A we aim to use where possible locally sourced materials and components to help reduce and offset this carbon footprint. 


We are conscious that when it comes packaging that our material choices are correct. We are increasing the proportion of recyclable materials in our packaging and exploring the use of the circularity and reuse of these materials by giving the option for them to be returned to P&A.

Instead of printing product installation instruction, at P&A we are currently rolling out the use of a QR code on the back of each product so that they can be downloaded digitally.

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Sustainability guide.

If you would like a copy of our principles on sustainability, please download our guide.